Christians, Jews and Muslims Try to Save the River Jordan and the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea figures prominently in Biblical stories, and every year attracts tourists from around the world. But this iconic body of water is shrinking and sinkholes are opening up, leaving abandoned tourist buildings tilted halfway in the ground. Experts say the sea could dry up by 2050. The Jordan River is the Dead Sea’s main tributary, but in recent years as much as 90% of the river’s water has been diverted for industry, agriculture and other uses. Take this photo tour of the Dead Sea to see its beauty and all that is being lost.

The Dead Sea doesn’t have to dry out. Its fate depends largely on restoring the health of the lower reaches of the River Jordan. Toward that end, concerned people from Israel, Jordan, and Palestine are working together through organizations such as EcoPeace, formerly known as Friends of the Middle East. This effort seeks to restore the river while also building peace among the people of the Jordan Valley. See this inspiring Save the Jordan video for more.