Clemency Sought for Marcellus Williams

On August 22, the state is set to execute Marcellus Williams, accused of killing Felicia Gayle in her home. There is plenty of forensic evidence in this case, but none of it points to Williams. Trace evidence at the scene included hairs discovered on the victim’s shirt and fingernail clippings taken from Ms. Gayle containing blood and skin tissue. None could be matched to Mr. Williams. Bloody foot prints at the scene appearing to belong to a single assailant did not match Williams. Most recently the lawyers petitioned the court to have forensic testing done on the knife believed to be the murder weapon–it could not be matched to Williams. Mr. Williams’ conviction was based upon the testimony of two witnesses–one a career criminal and the other a crack addict and prostitute–who claimed Mr. Williams has confessed to them that he committed the murder. They did not come forward for months after the crime and both laid claim to the $10,000 reward for information on the murder.

The hallmark of any justice system is accuracy. Don’t let Marcellus Williams fall victim to a murder he did not commit. Contact Governor Greitens to ask him to halt the execution of Marcellus Williams.