Columbia Planned Parenthood Keeps License…For Now

Federal District Judge Nannette Laughrey ruled this week that Planned Parenthood in Columbia can keep its ambulatory surgical center license, granting a permanent injunction barring the state from revoking it.  The Missouri Department of Health revoked the license back in December when Planned Parenthood no longer had a physician able to perform abortions there.

Planned Parenthood challenged the revocation, claiming that they were treated unfairly because they are an abortion facility. Judge Laughrey, known for rulings supportive of the abortion giant, agreed.

Planned Parenthood’s license will expire on June 30, 2016, and it is not clear if they will be able to find an abortionist with hospital privileges in the immediate area of the clinic to carry on abortions there. For now, however, no abortions are being performed in Columbia due to the lack of a credentialed physician.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule by the end of June on a case challenging a Mississippi law that requires Mississippi abortionists to have hospital privileges within thirty miles of the abortion clinic. That ruling will most certainly have implications for the situation in Columbia. Stay tuned!

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