Compassion Urged for Immigrants in College Scholarship Program

The Missouri General Assembly will convene next Wednesday for its annual veto session, which gives legislators an opportunity to override any veto of Governor Nixon. There is one bill vetoed by the governor – SB 224 – that the MCC hopes will stand. As passed by the general assembly, this bill would bar certain immigrants from receiving A+ college scholarships.

In a letter to legislators the MCC acknowledged the frustration with the fact that A+ funding has slipped recently so that A+ students cannot receive as much scholarship help as in past years. The MCC also noted that A+ does not allow graduates of nonpublic high schools, including Catholic high schools, to receive A+ assistance. But the MCC noted that immigrant students are not to blame for the current problems.

In the letter to legislators, the MCC said creating a just and better-funded A+ would not be accomplished by barring the participation of undocumented students. The MCC said these students are not to blame that they were brought to this country as children and now call Missouri their home. The MCC concluded with a call for compassion: “These young people are just trying to do the right thing: get an education and become productive members of our society. Let’s not penalize them for these aspirations, which we all share.”


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