DESE Preparing A+ Roll-Out for Private High Schools

This past legislative session, the MCC spearheaded passage of a new law that will allow private and Catholic high schools to participate in the A+ scholarship program. This program allows students to receive scholarships to community colleges and technical schools if, during their high school career, they meet certain criteria, such as mentoring or tutoring other students for a minimum number of hours. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is currently revising its application for A+ and expects to be sending material to the high schools in the next several weeks.

The MCC is tracking the A+ roll-out and will keep Catholic high schools informed. It is our understanding that it will not be possible for seniors to participate because to meet the A+ criteria will take at least two years of high school to complete. Students now entering their junior year may be able to participate if DESE implements the new A+ provisions in a timely  fashion. Stay tuned for more.

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