Destruction and Death Follow in Wake of Earthquake and Hurricane

A magnitude 7.1 level earthquake struck central Mexico on Tuesday, September 19, 32 years to the day from the deadly quake that killed over one thousand people. The death toll from this week’s disaster stands at over 200 as recovery efforts continue. The USCCB issued this statement, calling for prayers and support of our Mexican brothers and sisters.

As if Hurricanes Harvey and Irma weren’t enough, Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, cutting off power to the entire island.  Puerto Rico was harboring people from the Caribbean islands affected by Irma. They were then subjected to the winds and destruction unleashed by Maria, which hit the island as a Category 4 hurricane.

Donations to those affected by the earthquake and hurricanes can be made through the Catholic Relief Services website. Please pray for the victims of all the recent natural disasters!