Don’t Let Pro-Life Issues Get Lost in the Shuffle

Next week the Missouri General Assembly will convene for its annual Veto Session. A large number of bills will be considered for a veto override, including much business related legislation. MCC Network Members need to make sure that two major pro-life bills don’t get lost in the shuffle. These bills are HB 1307, which allows for a 72-hour reflection period prior to an abortion decision, and HB 1132, which expands tax credits for pregnancy help centers, maternity homes and food pantries.

You can help in two ways!  If you haven’t contacted your state Representative or Senator to encourage him/her to vote in favor of the veto override, you can click here to do so. You can also come to the Capitol and stand for life at a rally being organized for the morning of September 10 in the Capitol rotunda.  Visit the Show Me Life Website for more information.

Posted: 9/5/2014

5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Pro-Life Issues Get Lost in the Shuffle

  1. Michael Caughron says:

    I think a 72 hour waiting period is reasonable before the human sacrifice of a baby by the mother.

    Please vote to override the govenors veto of the HB1307

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