Doubts Raised About Man Facing Execution – Urge Governor Nixon to Halt the Execution!

The state of Missouri is set to execute John Middleton on July 16.   Middleton was convicted of three murders in a meth drug ring in northern Missouri in 1995.  Newly discovered evidence in the last few months raises doubts of his involvement in these murders.

New scientific information about the time of death places Middleton in jail in Iowa when one murder was committed. In addition it has been revealed that prosecutors suppressed a witness statement that indicated another drug dealer committed the other two murders.  Furthermore, it is now known that the meth dealer implicated in the two murders was paid by law enforcement to testify against Middleton and had gun charges against him dropped.

Middleton was prosecuted by a special prosecutor with the Attorney General’s office.  Because Jay Nixon was Attorney General at that time, Middleton’s attorneys are requesting that Governor Nixon  convene an independent Board of Inquiry, as allowed by Missouri law, to examine the new claims raised.

Please contact Governor Nixon’s by email or by calling his office at 573-751-3222.  Ask Governor Nixon to halt Middleton’s execution and convene a Board of Inquiry to examine the new claims raised.  Regardless of ones position on the death penalty, justice is not served if someone wrongly convicted is executed.


Posted: July 3, 2014

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