Expungement Bill Crosses the Finish Line

All it takes now is Governor Nixon’s signature and many people with criminal records could have an easier time wiping some convictions from their records.

This week the House passed SB 588, sponsored bySen. Bob Dixon (R-Springfield), that expands the number of crimes that can be erased and shortens the time an ex-offender has to wait to seek expungement. The legislation prohibits a person from being eligible for the process if subsequently found guilty of any misdemeanor or felony offense. The House vote was 143-12.

Described as a “jobs” bill, SB 588 had languished in the Senate for weeks until the bill was used as a bargaining chip to get passage of the voter photo ID bill. Then the expungement bill quickly passed the Senate and was given preferential treatment in the House.

The MCC has supported an expanded expungement process in Missouri for many years. This legislation will give second chances to many individuals who have been denied jobs because of their criminal records.

One thought on “Expungement Bill Crosses the Finish Line

  1. robert eugene grounds jr. says:

    as of October 2006, I completed a 180 day institutional treatment program which I finished # 1 in my class of probably 100 inmates. my felony convictions were non violent, child support, and alcohol related traffic offenses. I have been clean since then, and live with and take care of my 80 year old mother who has been battleing cancer for 15 yrs. iv’e completed everything I was asked to do by pb,pr. I go no where except to take my grand children fishing and camping. my family is my life! i’m no longer a threat to anyone, and take pride in my accomplishments. i’m only asking for a second chance to teach my grand children what my grandfather and uncle taught my brother and I since our father ran off when I was probably 9yrs old. please give me the chance to once again be the man I used to be before my wife was killed in 1981. I also raised 2 daughters ages 2 and 3 with the help of my mother. sincerely, Robert e grounds jr.

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