Extraordinary Opportunity on A+ Scholarship Program

A bold trio of Missouri House lawmakers – State Representatives Kathryn Swan (R-Cape Girardeau),Justin Alferman (R-Hermann) and Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City) – are amending education bills that come over from the Missouri Senate to end the discrimination in A+ scholarships and allow graduates of nonpublic high schools to participate in A+.

All but two public high schools in the state participate in A+ and their graduates, if they meet the A+ criteria, can receive an A+ scholarship to attend a community college or other post-secondary school offering vocational and technical training. But graduates of nonpublic high schools, including graduates of Catholic high schools, are shut out from obtaining A+ scholarships.

This is discrimination pure and simple; all taxpayers should be treated equally. Go to thisAction Alert to send a pre-composed message to your State Senator.

The Missouri Senate is the key here. If the Senate accepts the House’s A+ amendment, which has been added to several Senate bills (including SB 638 and SB 650), then the A+ change can go straight to the governor’s desk for his signature.

In addition to sending the email message, visit with your state senator this weekend when he or she is in the home district. Keep in mind, the session ends next Friday at 5 p.m. so time is of the essence!

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