Funding for the Alternatives to Abortion Program Increased

Funding for the Alternatives to Abortion (ATA) Program was increased during the 2014 legislative session as well.  The legislature appropriated just over $2 million for the program, close to a $500,000 increase from last year.  Funding for public awareness of the program was increased as well to $75,000, up from $50,000.

The ATA program is designed to help pregnant women carry their child to term instead of having an abortion. ATA also assists women in caring for their child or placing their child for adoption. ATA aims to reduce abortions and aid in improving pregnancy outcomes by assisting women in need with medical and non-medical services. For up to a year after the child is born, ATA will also assist with job training and placement. For more information on ATA please visit their Web site.


Posted: May 16, 2014

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