General Assembly Passes Repeal of Tax Credit for Low-Income Seniors/Disabled

This week the Missouri General Assembly passed and sent to Governor Jay Nixon legislation that would repeal the renters’ portion of the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit. Over 104,000 seniors on fixed incomes and people with disabilities from all corners of Missouri rely on the credit to help them with basic necessities, such as paying for medications and catching up on bill payments.

Currently this credit is available to renters who are elderly (65 or older) or disabled and who have household incomes of $27,500 or less if single, or $29,500 or less if married. The average credit received is $534 annually.

The MCC had urged legislators in a floor letter to defeat SB 350.

People who work with the poor (such as Catholic Charities agencies and the Jefferson City Samaritan Center) know how important the low-income renters’ credit is. They have many stories of people coming for help who are grateful for the assistance offered by this credit.

Final approval of SB 350 came in a vote by the Missouri House of Representatives.

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