Governor Greitens Calls Special Session on Pro-Life

This week Governor Eric Greitens called a special session on pro-life issues. He is calling for the Missouri General Assembly to address the recently passed St. Louis city ordinance, which makes the city an abortion sanctuary. The Archdiocese of St. Louis, along with Our Lady’s Inn and O’Brien Industries, a private Catholic employer, have sued the city in federal district court arguing that the ordinance violates conscience rights by forcing people of faith to participate in the abortion industry.

The MCC applauded Governor Greitens’ call for a special session. “Protecting conscience rights of people of faith who do not wish to be complicit in the abortion industry is fundamental to our democracy,” said Mike Hoey, Executive Director of the MCC, in a press release issued late Wednesday.

The governor’s call also includes a request to implement common sense abortion clinic safety standards, after a federal judge in Kansas City blocked enforcement of Missouri regulations mandating certain structural requirements for abortion clinics and requiring abortion doctors have clinical privileges at a local hospital.

The special session begins next Monday. The MCC will be providing further information on how you can contact your legislators next week.  Stay tuned!