Governor Nixon Focuses on Upcoming Veto Session

Next week on Sept. 14, lawmakers will return to the Capitol for the annual veto session. In preparation for this event, Governor Nixon held a press conference this week to draw attention to the reasons he had vetoed various bills.

Nixon noted that much of the media attention has been focused on two vetoed bills-HB 1631 that would require a photo ID to vote and SB 656 that would allow a person to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

Nixon, however, used the press conference to talk about lesser known bills that he had vetoed.  These included HB 1870 that would make it easier for businesses that hire illegal workers to obtain government contracts;  SB 867 that would raise fees on Missourians at local license offices, and HB 1733 that would allow automated long-haul trucks on certain Missouri highways.

Governor Nixon encouraged lawmakers to thoroughly read his messages before considering overriding the bills. For more information about the vetoed bills and Governor Nixon’s concerns, click here.