Governor Nixon – “Show-Me Healthy Babies!”

Governor Jay Nixon has delayed implementing the Show-Me Healthy Babies Program for over a year. This new program, if the governor puts into operation, will offer prenatal care to expectant moms and their babies. It’s time for Governor Nixon to quit delaying implementation of a law he himself signed over a year ago. Good prenatal care saves lives and helps women choose life over abortion! Click MCC Alert to send a pre-composed message to Governor Nixon.

6 thoughts on “Governor Nixon – “Show-Me Healthy Babies!”

  1. Rick & Claire Schemel says:

    I, Claire Strauss Schemel, attended the MU back in the 60’s. My husband and I are shocked that MU would get involved with anyone who would perform abortions. Please get out of the relationship with that doctor.

    My entire family and our friends are watching to see if you do that.

  2. Rick & Claire Schemel says:

    Shame on the MU. I attended the university back in the 60’s. Now I will try to keep any of my grandchildren from attending there since the university seems to be involved with an abortionist.

  3. Bev Buerck says:

    Mizzou, you need to stop killing babies! What a beautiful miracle! God made women to conceive and bear children. It is amazing when you go in and have an ultrasound and see the beautiful baby forming and heart beating in the mothers womb. How can you go and kill these precious children of God. I know many couples who cannot have children and have adopted and would love to adopt more children of God. So MU Chancellor R. Loftin and Board of Curators, I beg you to stop abortions. All three of my children graduated from Mizzou and I thought a lot of the University. However, It deeply saddens me that you would grant doctors to perform such a terrible act. I,m praying that you would get out of the abortion business.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Winschel says:

    WE DO NOT EXPECT OUR TAX DOLLARS TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS! No woman should be killing their baby. And we believe that is what they do through abortions. That is breaking a command of God. ( Thou shalt not kill) We are sure everyone has learned this commandment as they grew up. It has been in the bible and being taught still to this day. We know God has mercy on those who change and ask for forgiveness. So please consider discontinuing your efforts in aborting babies. Or supporting it. It is not what God ask of our country. One by one we will stand united in Christ, Jesus! We pray you will find it in your hearts to help us put an end to abortion. Many are relying on your help! Please pray about this, God also needs your help in this desperate matter! Please advise these women to either want their baby or place them up for adoption. We want our young girls to wake up to this and make better choices. Thank you!

  5. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stiens says:

    As a taxpaying citizen of Missouri, I was outraged to learn that University of Missouri Professor Kristin Metcalf-Wilson recruited and facilitated an abortionist coming to Columbia to perform abortions. No abortion doctor should have privileges with the University of Missouri health system.

    I was also astonished to learn that the University did this, despite the fact that Missouri law prohibits public employees and institutions from performing, assisting, or counseling for abortions!


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