Governor Nixon to Continue Funding Planned Parenthood

In defiance of the budget passed during the 2016 General Assembly, Governor Jay Nixon announced yesterday that he plans to continue funding family planning services through Planned Parenthood “for a while” even “until 2017,” despite legislative efforts to cut off the abortion giant.

The new fiscal year begins today (July 1st), and the budget passed by Missouri lawmakers this past session deferred receipt of approximately $8 million in federal funding for “family planning,” opting to fund those services with state dollars instead. They specifically legislated that none of these dollars could be sent to a family planning clinic that performs abortions. The intent was to cut off Planned Parenthood from receiving the federal family planning dollars, which cannot be so restricted.

Exactly how the governor plans to continue funding Planned Parenthood, and where he will get the money is unclear, since the Missouri Constitution prohibits him from spending money not authorized by the legislature. The MCC will be investigating this further and expects more information to unfold in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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