Governor Nixon Vetoes Abortion Waiting Period Bill

This week, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed legislation passed this year by the Missouri General Assembly that extends the waiting period for having an abortion from 24 to 72 hours.  The MCC issued a statement expressing our “deep disappointment” with his decision to do so.  Currently, a woman choosing abortion in Missouri is provided with information before going through with the abortion, and providing additional time for her to consider this grave decision is appropriate.

State Senator David Sater (R-Cassville), sponsor of the original bill (SB 519) in the Senate, issued a press release also expressing his deep disappointment with the Governor’s decision, stating that “taking time to think about the consequences [of an abortion] is not unreasonable or a burden…”

The 72 hour waiting period legislation passed the Missouri House, with support from both parties, by a vote of 111-39.  The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 22-9.  In the coming months, the MCC will be calling upon our citizens’ network to contact their legislators to override the Governor’s veto and pass this important pro-life legislation.
Posted: July 3, 2014

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