Growing Call for DNA Testing in Execution Case

Across the state there is a growing call for a stay of execution for Marcellus Williams until DNA testing can be completed. Williams is scheduled for execution on January 28.

Williams was convicted of the 1998 stabbing murder of Felicia Gayle in her St. Louis home.  Despite the brutal nature of the attack, there is no physical or scientific evidence linking him to the crime.  Forensic evidence exists, but it simply does not point to Mr. Williams, in fact it excludes him.  He was convicted on the testimony of two witnesses who had troubled histories and stood to gain from their testimony.

Williams’ attorneys are petitioning to get the DNA evidence tested and compared to known state and national databases in hopes of finding the real culprit.  The forensic evidence includes head hairs found on the victim’s shirt, pubic hair found on the rug where her body laid, and blood and skin scrapings found under her fingernails.  The courts are considering the testing request. St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCullough has the authority to voluntarily test the evidence, but so far he has refused.

Join your voice to the outcry.  Contact Governor Nixon today at 573-751-3222 or by email and urge him to halt Marcellus Williams’ execution pending DNA testing.  The hallmark of any justice system is accuracy.  No one should be executed while evidence exists that could exonerate him.

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