How the Cross Taunts ISIS

As you may recall, Father Robert Barron will be the keynote speaker for the MCC Annual Assembly on Saturday October 3, 2015. Recently, he wrote an article that is very appropriate for Lenten Reflection – How the Cross Taunts ISIS. Father Barron reminds us that Christ crucified is also Christ risen. Many of the Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS on the deserted beaches of Northern Libya were seen praying “Christ is Lord” in the video. Indeed, Christ is Lord and He will be triumphant.

One thought on “How the Cross Taunts ISIS

  1. Patrick says:

    It is in the darkest hour that we must have the deepest faith. Our bodies may shake with fear because the end is at hand for it but our spirit is firm and looking to CHRIST JESUS because our soul will reside in the House of the LORD forever! Praise be to CHRIST JESUS and our HEAVENLY FATHER now and forever, AMEN.

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