How to Help Louisiana Recover From Flood Damage

Many residents of Louisiana have been hard hit by floodwaters in the past few weeks, resulting in damage to homes and the tragic loss of family members, friends and animals. Community members and organizations in affected areas, including Catholic Charities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, banded together to lead rescue missions and provide shelter, food and water for those in need.

These efforts still continue, but Louisiana cannot do it alone. There are many ways we can help from right here in Missouri. Parishes in the Diocese of Jefferson City have been asked to take up an emergency collection to assist the victims of the recent flooding in Louisiana on either September 10 & 11, or September 17 & 18. If you are in one of the three other dioceses and your parish is not taking up a collection at this time, you can visit theCatholic Charities of Baton Rouge website or the Catholic Charities of New Orleans website to find out how you can contribute to the rescue and rehab efforts in Louisiana.

Keep Louisiana in your prayers as they continue to recover.