“I Congratulate You on Your Appointment to the Staff”

University of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin is attempting to downplay the university’s ties to abortion doctor Colleen McNicholas. A letter the University Hospital sent to McNicholas tells a different story: McNicholas is issued a hospital photo identification card, given access to restricted areas, such as the medical staff lounge, and given access to the electronic medical record (EMR). The chief of staff of Medical Staff Services at the University Hospital, Bert Bachrach, MD,  then congratulates McNicholas “on your appointment to the Staff…”  Here’s the letter.

3 thoughts on ““I Congratulate You on Your Appointment to the Staff”

  1. Mary Helm says:

    Please don’t allow the distructive abortion industry to taint the MU campus. I urge you to take away Dr McNicholas”s privilege.

  2. Bill Mclaughlin says:

    Please deny hospital privileges to Dr McNicholas. The University of Missouri should not be involved in providing abortion services.

  3. Joyce Loos says:

    As a Missouri tax payer and human rights advocate, I am asking that you please deny abortion services through the University of Missouri, Columbia Hospital or any clinic there associated. Please deny abortionist Colleen McNichols abortion privileges.

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