Join Religious Leaders in Asking for Clemency for Mark Christeson

This week religious leaders across the state, including the Catholic bishops, sent a clemency letter to Governor Nixon asking that he show mercy to Mark Christeson.  Acknowledging that the deaths of Susan Brouk and her children, Adrian and Kyle, were a tragic act of senseless violence, the leaders note that the death penalty does not heal our communities, but rather promotes the cycle of violence.

In their letter the religious leaders cite the substandard representation that attorneys provided Christeson by missing an important deadline, thus denying him a federal review of his case.  The religious leaders also raised concerns about Mr. Christeson’s limited mental capabilities and his chaotic upbringing of physical and sexual abuse. Mr. Christeson had a history of placement in special education classes, low functioning in school, and multiple head injuries involving loss of consciousness.

Please contact Governor Nixon today by calling 573-751-3222 or by using this link and let him know that individuals like Mark Christeson, who have limited intellectual capabilities and possible undiagnosed mental health issues, should not be held to the highest level of culpability-the death penalty.

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