Latest Online Messenger Highlights Mission Work of Missouri Coffee Roaster

The first Messenger Online of 2017 highlights the mission of a Jefferson City coffee roaster, Three Story Coffee. Owner Tony Anderson and his wife Sarah followed their faith and began the coffee company in 2012 as a way to share the stories of small coffee farmers from around the world.

These stories shed light on some of the serious issues in the coffee industry, issues that the Anderson’s hope to have a positive impact on with their involvement in a direct trade model. Through this direct trade, they are able to work with these farmers in person on quality projects, guaranteeing that farmers get a sustainable wage and coffee drinkers get a high quality brew.

Their newest venture, the #oneninetyinitiative, aims to partner 190 churches with 190 Burundian farmers. The churches, or individuals, will commit to purchasing a year’s worth of coffee from one farmer, and in turn will receive a picture of the farmer, and will be able to correspond with them throughout the year. “We have always desired for coffee drinkers to know where their coffee comes from,” Anderson says. “We have also learned the value in being able to share with the farmers where their coffee is going. We want to show them people who not only love their coffee, but also have a love for them.”

Read more about how Tony and Sarah’s strong faith led to the dawn of Three Story Coffee and find out how you can become a part of the #oneninetyinitiative in this Messenger Online. Enjoy!