Learn About the History of Catholic Education at the MCC’s 50th Anniversary

The MCC’s 50th Anniversary celebration will include three engaging workshops in addition to the keynote speech. This week, we’re highlighting Msgr. John Witt’s Catholic Education workshop. Join Msgr. Witt as he chronicles the history of Catholic Education in Missouri, and its ties to the Missouri Catholic Conference. 

This presentation asks, “Who founded your school and why?” Msgr. Michael Witt will address the larger question of Catholic roots in Midwest educational efforts, formal and informal, which are a vital part of the Catholic evangelization of America’s heartland. Besides the well known Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne and Father DeSmet, he’ll cover other educational Religious Orders, their schools and developments over time. It is a story worth telling, and worth remembering, Msgr. Witt says, for it is the woof and wave of who we are as Midwest Catholics today.

Invite your educators, students, and others to join in on this workshop. If you’re not able to attend the entire event, please feel welcome to join us for the workshop portion only. We ask that you still register at mocatholic.org even if you’re only attending a portion of the day’s events. For more information and to register, please visit our website. 

See you on October 7!