Legislation Seeks to End Discrimination in A+ Scholarships

State Representative Keith English (D-Florissant) has filed legislation (HB 1279) to revise the existing A+ scholarship program so that graduates of both public and private high schools, including Catholic high schools, can receive assistance. The program has been in operation for a number of years. Its general purpose is to provide financial assistance to high school graduates wishing to attend post-secondary vocational or technical schools.

Unfortunately, the program has discriminated against graduates of private high schools, who have not been eligible for the scholarships. Even public high school graduates interested in vocational or technical schools have been denied scholarships if they did not attend a public high school deemed an “A+” school.

HB 1279 is pending before the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee. Earlier this week the MCC sent an alert to Network members who have a state representative serving on the committee. Hopefully, once committee members hear from their constituents, the committee will vote the bill “Do Pass.”

Published: February 14, 2014

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