Let’s Make History – Big Pro-Life Vote Expected Next Week

Next Monday, July 24, the Missouri Senate will reconvene their special session to consider a major pro-life bill, House amended SB 5.

Parishes have received a flier that we hope is being distributed this weekend at all Masses. Click here to view and/or print the flier, which highlights major provisions of the bill.

The Missouri Senate has an overwhelming pro-life super majority. If House amended SB 5 comes to a vote, it should pass. However, a vocal and skillful minority of senators may try to delay a vote on this legislation through a protracted filibuster or other parliamentary maneuvers.

Even if you have already contacted your senator, you should contact the senator again. We need senators to not only support House amended SB 5, but to strongly insist that it come to a vote as soon as possible. Delay could be fatal to the bill.

Let your voice be heard by sending this MCC Action Alert!