Logical Fallacies 101: The Straw Man

In politics, it is not uncommon to hear politicians recast an argument by setting up a straw man, thereby avoiding the point being made, diverting attention to the straw man and away from the actual argument presented. This can often be subtle, but if you listen carefully, you can see how the creator of the straw man tries to avoid addressing the issue and rather recasts the debate in a way to avoid the real point.

For example, one might propose the argument that marriage is properly the union only of one man and one woman. The creator of the straw man might then argue, “So, you are saying that gay people aren’t capable of love, and you don’t think that they deserve the benefits of marriage.” By making this argument, the creator of the straw man diverts attention away from the actual point about what properly constitutes marriage. For more on the straw man fallacy, click here.

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