Marriage and Family in Crisis

Decline of Marriage and Family

Marriage and the “Me First” Generationjuly messenger

Babies Born Outside of Marriage

Missouri’s Non-marital Birth Rates

Love, Marriage, and then Children – A Vanishing Sequence

Out of Wedlock Births are the New Normal Among Millennials

More Children of all Races Born out of Wedlock

Missouri is No Exception

Does it Matter to Children?

Who’s Getting Married?

Which Parents with Children are Most Likely to be Married?

Fragile Families/Consequences for Children

Annual Assembly Workshop Feature – The “Baby-Daddy” Dilemma: Why Fathers Need to be Husbands

Good News, Bad News on Father Involvement

What Constitutes a Fragile Family?keynote

Absent Dads = Increased Risk of Sons Going to Prison

Absent Dads = Increased Risk of Daughters Engaging in Early Sexual Activity

Redefining Marriage

U.S. Supreme Court Clears Way for “Same-sex Marriage” in 11 More States

USCCB Committee Chairs Speak Out

KC Judge: Missouri Must Recognize Out of State “Same-Sex Marriages”

 Louisiana Federal Judge Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Positive Responses

Bishops’ Labor Day Statement Makes Link Between Work and Marriage

Getting Fathers Involved with their Families

How to Reverse the Decline of Marriage

How Churches can Bridge the Marriage Divide

What Can be Done?

Two is Better than One

Beating the Odds



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