MCC Opposing Medicaid Global Waiver

This week the MCC urged the Missouri Senate to put aside legislation that would require the state of Missouri to seek a waiver from the current federal Medicaid program. The MCC said the bill was premature, as Congress is presently considering major changes to Medicaid.

Mo HealthNet, Missouri’s version of Medicaid, is administered by the state of Missouri, but it is governed by federal guidelines and most of the funding comes from the federal government. SB 28 would require the state to seek a waiver from the federal government that could cap the federal funds received.

MCC noted that SB 28 raises more questions than it answers. The bill could lead to a capped amount of federal dollars received by Missouri. That in turn could force Missouri to use more state revenue to fund the program or, alternatively, to cut Medicaid health coverage to more recipients.

The MCC reminded lawmakers that over 60 percent of nursing home care in Missouri is paid for by Medicaid. Read the MCC Statement for more. The Senate briefly debated SB 28 this week and then laid the bill onto the informal calendar. Stay tuned for more.