MCC Prepares for Veto Session – Have You Contacted Your Legislator?

The Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) is preparing for the upcoming legislative veto session that begins on September 10.  Governor Jay Nixon vetoed two pro-life bills: HB 1307, which extends the waiting period for obtaining an abortion to 72 hours, and HB 1132, which increases the tax credits available for donations to pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and food pantries.

The MCC needs your help to override these vetoes.  Many MCC Citizen’s Network members have contacted their legislators encouraging them to be present for the veto session and to vote in favor of an override on these two important pro-life bills.  If you haven’t contacted your State Representative or Senator, it isn’t too late.  You can click here to send a pre-prepared message.  It only takes a moment.  Thanks for your support.


Posted: August 22, 2014

9 thoughts on “MCC Prepares for Veto Session – Have You Contacted Your Legislator?

  1. Richard Fisher says:

    I am requesting that all Missouri Senators do everything possible to override the govenor’s veto of recent of recent pro-life measures. Please vote for the override of HB1307 and HB 1132. Thank you and God bless you for your support.

  2. Becky Roberts says:

    I am against the pro-life bills that Jay Nixon vetoed. I do not want to pay for the killing of babies in the womb.

  3. Herbert and Nancy Driscoll says:

    Urge you to vote to override Gov. Nixon’x veto of these important legislative acts which offers a reasonable reflective period for woman deliberating the important decision to save or destroy innocent life–and to provide tax incentive to those who elect to provide donations to organizations which provide tangible benefits to women dealing with this life issue. To allow the veto to stand is to take another step in hardening our society to the sanctity of all life It is time to take a stand to stop sliding down this slippery slope any further.

    Thank you

  4. Don Koch says:

    I think the Governor is way off base on this issue. There is no way that I say to kill babies is right. If you kill a person you go to jail. Why then if you kill babies that is supposed to be ok. Come on! Something is not right in the way people are thinking.Our governor is way off base on thi and I think we should do everything that we can to stop his veto. Lets all of us get behind thin issue and get over turned.

  5. Don Buhr says:

    I pray that you will have honesty to see that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life, and waiting to think about it will greatly reduce the number, as has been proven in other states that have such a law.

  6. Beverly Martin says:

    I support HB 1307. Prisoners given a death sentence in the state of Missouri can use years to have their case reconsidered via court systems. Surely the unborn – who have no lawyer to fight for their life – deserve at least a three day waiting period in order for the mother to consider all options.

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