MCC Working to Ensure No State Funding of Human Cloning

As this year’s session enters its final week there are several bills – HB 1495, HB 1310 and HB 1501 – that are moving which would expand the work of the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC). MTC promotes research and technological developments in many areas that promote the common good, such as biomedical science. Although biomedical science involves many forms of ethical research, it also could include research involving the use of embryonic stem cells, or other life-destroying experiments.

The MCC is supporting amending language in these bills to ensure that none of the state funds used by MTC in the new programs result in embryonic stem cell experiments, or other life-destroying research. The state appropriation for MTC already includes a provision banning such unethical research, but the MCC, as an additional safeguard, would like to see the ban included in HB 1495, HB 1310 and HB 1501. For more read the MCC Alert sent to network members.

Posted: May 9, 2014

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