Medicaid and Managed Care

 The most contentious debate among Senators over the proposed budget was on whether to move approximately 200,000 Medicaid recipients out of fee-for-service arrangements with doctors and other health care providers into managed care contracts. Ultimately, the Senate agreed to the new arrangement but not before a debate that lasted for hours. Managed care is the standard along the I-70 corridor but not in most rural areas, where it can be difficult for the companies to develop an adequate network of doctors and health care providers to serve patients. Two doctors serving in the Missouri Senate-Senator Robert Schaaf (R-St. Joseph) and Senator Bob Onder (R-Lake St. Louis)-disputed claims that managed care saves money in comparison to fee-for-service arrangements between doctors and their patients. Although the Senate approved the new approach, it will have to be agreed to by both chambers before being sent to Governor Nixon. For more read this Kansas City Star article.

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