Messenger Online: Fathers’ Support Center in St. Louis Promotes Responsible Parenthood

Our latest Messenger Online highlights the Fathers’ Support Center (FSC) in St. Louis. The only agency of its kind in the state, FSC strives to help men become the best fathers they can be for their children. In this issue, we address the challenges FSC helps these men and their children overcome, and stress the importance of father responsibility funding for these types of programs in Missouri and througout the country. Also included is a short video interviewwith recent FSC graduate Jamie Faulkner, during which he recounts his story and shares how FSC has impacted him and his family.

With this issue of Messenger Online we are debuting an all new format! This flippable PDF makes it feel as if you have a book in your hands, rather than simply staring at a two-dimensional screen. This format allows us to link to videos and other websites within the document. You can access the latest edition of Messenger Online by following this link. If you’d like to distribute hard copies, you can also access a printable PDF version on the Messenger from that page.

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