Missouri Bishops Issue Statement on Paris Attacks and Syrian Refugees

The Missouri bishops have issued a statement in which they “express our solidarity with all those terrorized by ISIS and other violent extremists who falsely invoke the name of God to justify their bloody attacks on innocent people.”

At the same time, they called for reflection before judgment on the decision of local leaders to refuse to accept Syrian refugees, noting that all refugees “go through multiple layers of interviews and security checks, making them the most thoroughly vetted group of people who come to the United States.” “It can take up to two years for a refugee to pass through this vetting process.”

Click here to read the statement.

Archbishop Robert Kurtz, Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops announced this week that the attacks in Paris by ISIS will not alter the U.S. Church’s response to immigrants and refugees seeking asylum and refuge. “Our efforts are going to be to reach out and to serve them,” regardless of their religious affiliation, Kurtz said to reporters during a break in this week’s meeting with other U.S. prelates. You can read more about Archbishop Kurtz’s statement here.

Pictured above, CRS’ Sean Callahan greets Syrian refugee children living in an informal camp housing Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley. Photo by Sam Tarling for CRS

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