Missouri Catholic Bishops Support “Full” Investigation

Archbishop Robert Carlson, St. Louis

The Catholic bishops of Missouri support a full investigation into whether Planned Parenthood or others are trading in fetal body parts from aborted babies. This week the bishops issued the following statement:

We, the Catholic Bishops of Missouri, welcome investigations into whether Planned Parenthood or others are selling, buying or “donating” fetal body parts from aborted babies. All of these horrific practices should be banned in the state of Missouri.

Even the “donating” of fetal body parts from aborted babies is wrong. It compounds the evil of abortion. These “donations” can be a selling point in persuading vulnerable women to have an abortion. In addition, through this practice, the unborn child is not only destroyed but the child’s body parts are then salvaged for further use. The unborn child is killed, dismembered and then his or her remains are treated not as sacred, but as if they were a commodity.

Any form of trading fetal body parts from aborted babies demonstrates a profound loss of respect for human life and for the human body. It is a desecration of the human body, which is a gift from God our Creator. It further ensnares and makes complicit not only researchers, but many others in the evil of abortion.

Tragically, it is too often the case that the first step in destroying or victimizing a person is to deny their humanity. Once an unborn child, someone with a terminal illness, or someone with a severe disability is considered less than human, it can be an excuse for some to justify terrible acts against them.

Regardless of whether any current law has been violated, it is reprehensible that a civilized society would tolerate the trading of body parts from aborted babies. Any full investigation should explore not only if current laws are violated, but also whether new laws are needed to prevent this barbaric practice in Missouri.

Right now the focus is on Planned Parenthood, but we hope the investigations will also look into whether or not any of Missouri’s academic or research institutions are buying or accepting for donation body parts from aborted babies, or if hospitals and clinics, which also perform abortions, are engaging in practices similar to Planned Parenthood. It takes two to make a market: a seller and a buyer.

Let’s find out all we can about the profiting and sale of the bodies of unborn children killed in abortion and put a stop to it in our state and nation.

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