Missouri Department of Health Director Testifies About Disposal of Fetal Remains

During the Senate hearing, Department of Health Director Gail Vasterling was questioned about the process for disposing of fetal remains in St. Louis, where most abortions in Missouri take place.  Vasterling testified that the remains are sent to a third party pathologist that examines the remains and issues a report, which is sent to the Department.

She further testified that the remains are then “disposed of,” but that she does not know how they are disposed of or what happens with the remains after the report is generated.  She also said that her department does not provide any oversight of the pathology contractor to assure they are in compliance with Missouri law in that regard. The Missouri Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (Mo. Rev. Stat. § 194.210) does not allow fetal remains from an elective abortion to be donated for research.

The Senate Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life is just getting started. Stay tuned!

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