Missouri House Passes Bill Requiring Reports on Fetal Remains

This week the Missouri House gave final approval to legislation (HCS HBS 2069 and 2371) that would provide additional regulation of how abortion clinics dispose of the fetal remains of aborted unborn babies. 

The legislation, which is sponsored by State Representative Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton), would require that all tissue removed at an abortion be sent to a pathologist. The pathologist, in turn, must report the estimated gestational age of the fetal remains and related information to the Missouri Department of Health. 

The bill also prohibits any person from knowingly donating fetal remains from an abortion for scientific or medical experiments. Some pro-abortion advocates have tried to justify such donations as a “good” that can come out of the abortion. The Missouri Catholic Conference has strongly denounced this “end justifies means” thinking and noted that such donations could even encourage more abortions.

The bill now goes to the Missouri Senate for further consideration. Stay tuned for more.

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