Missouri Senate Hearings on Planned Parenthood Begin with Fireworks

The newly formed Interim Senate Committee on the Sanctity of Life met formally for the first time this week to explore issues raised in the recently published videos about Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in fetal body parts.  The committee’s purpose is to ascertain whether this activity is happening in Missouri, since the first released video mentions St. Louis as an “untapped” market for tissue procurement.

Much of the focus of the hearing was on the Planned Parenthood facility in Columbia, which recently received its license to perform abortions after having let the license lapse for lack of a medical director three years ago.

Committee Chair, Sen. Kurt Schaeffer (R-Columbia), subpoenaed witnesses from the Missouri Department of Health to question them about issuance of the license.  Gail Vasterling, the Health Department Director, said she issued the license even though the facility doctor does not have hospital privileges at a facility within 30 miles, as required by Missouri law.

Vasterling asserted that the facility, in accordance with Department regulations, has a “working relationship” with a local hospital to treat women experiencing complications, but declined to name the hospital, citing “closed records.”  She also claimed that because the facility met the requirements of the Department regulation, she issued the license.

In a fairly heated exchange, Sen. Schaeffer questioned her as to how the Department issued a license based upon a regulation that does not comply with the statute.  He then gave her until next Friday to disclose the name of the hospital to the committee or face contempt proceedings, stating that the public has a right to know.

One thought on “Missouri Senate Hearings on Planned Parenthood Begin with Fireworks

  1. Jill Stojeba Missionaries of Life says:

    Dear Senator Schaffer, I have been researching & collecting information & sending it to Archbishop Carlson for the past 3 weeks. In doing so I put a few feelers out & was contacted by the Archdiocesan attorney Tom Buckley, & St. Vincent de Paul Director & Pro-Lifer Steve Rupp. I’ve also conversed with Phillip Kline through Brian Westbrook & just spoke w Mo Right to Life over the weekend. Live Action is set to run 2 of my stories & Birthright requested to publish my own story of being in the abortion clinic. I am the Mother of an abortion clinic boy, who was, thanks be to God, able to run out 5 minutes before the life of my son would have been taken. During my experience, 4 illegal actions took place & 2 actions that would have justified PP employees to be fired. The main story as yet unreported, is a letter of proof I have regarding a Clinical Research Coordinator II for Washington University School of Medicine justifying why she has been dissecting aborted fetus’ for 11-18 years in the St. Louis area. Also, if you are collecting any & all info on PP I was given a binder of many, many, hundreds of aborted children, the largest news stories in America, I’m sure, with techniques describing every single type of abortion, including late term abortions, live births abortions, & C-section abortions, which I can’t help but think would be considered live birth. I also have 2 Doctors who sent notes about the baby in the Center for Medical Progress 7th video, saying the child in question indeed was likely alive as he was cut through the face to remove his brain to be sold for research, we hope. So, Archbishop Carlson sent all my info to the RLA Office, who I already work with, who requested I speak with you about getting the letter from the Wash U researcher to you, along with my own experience in the abortion clinic, with the binder of aborted children, most from out of state, but some referring to Kansas City abortions. Thank you for all that you are doing, I’d be honored to assist you in any way I can. Sincerely, Jill R. Stojeba Missionaries of Life Foreverprolifejillandnick@hotmail.com 314-477-2122

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