Missouri Senate Set to Meet in Mid to Late July to Further Consider Pro-Life Bill

The Missouri Senate is expected to meet in mid to late July to consider House amendments to SB 5, the special session pro-life bill they passed earlier this month. The Senate passed SB 5 on June 15th, after hours of negotiation to prevent a filibuster. The bill as passed includes provisions preempting the St. Louis ordinance that makes the city an “abortion sanctuary,” requiring annual inspections of abortion clinics, and giving the Missouri Attorney General’s office authority to enforce Missouri’s abortion laws, rather than just local prosecutors.

After the Senate passed SB 5, the Missouri House then amended the bill to add provisions requiring abortion clinics to have written plans for those instances when women experience a complication during an abortion, a provision that requires clinics to send all tissue from abortions to a pathologist for examination, and making it a misdemeanor for abortion clinics to interfere with the standard protocol of EMT’s responding to emergencies at abortion clinics.

The July recess will allow the Senate time to develop a consensus to move forward with passage of SB 5 as amended by the House. Positive messages to senators are critical at this time. The MCC is asking MOCAN members to thank the Senate for its initial passage of SB 5, and to urge senators to now pass SB 5 with the improved revisions made by the House. If you haven’t already done so, please click here to send a message to your senator  thanking them for the work they did to pass SB 5 on June 15th, and asking them to take up the bill again and pass it with the House amendments.