Missouri Set to Execute Man with Developmental Disabilities

Contact Governor Nixon and let him know
such an execution violates all standards of decency!
November 3 is the execution date for a man with lifetime developmental disabilities.

In 2001 Missouri banned the execution of persons with developmental disabilities (formerly referred to as mental retardation). One year later the U.S. Supreme Court banned the practice because it violated the 8th Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. Despite these safeguards Missouri is set to execute Ernest Lee Johnston, an individual with developmental disabilities.

Ernest Lee Johnson has had seven IQ tests administered in his life. All but one score was in the intellectually disabled range (below an IQ of 70). He was retained three times during his school years and was either in “ungraded” or Special Education classes for his entire academic career. When he quit school at 16 he was still reading on the second grade level. He also has suffered from lifelong limitations in adaptive behaviors, including not being able to successfully hold a job or being able to live independently in his adult years.

Raised in a physically and sexually abusive family by a mother who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, Johnson also exhibits signs of brain damage due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and several head injury accidents.

Please contact Gov. Jay Nixon at 573-751-3222 or email and urge him to show mercy to Ernest Lee Johnson. To execute a person with intellectual disabilities would violate all standards of decency and serve no penological purpose.

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