MO Senate Economic Development Committee Considers Tax Credit Programs that Benefit Pregnant Women and the Poor

This week, the Missouri Senate Economic Development Committee heard testimony on SB 15, sponsored by Senator Bob Dixon (R-Springfield), that would extend the sunset date on Maternity Homes and Pregnancy Resource Centers to 2026 and 2025, respectively.  These tax credits help charitable agencies that offer programs to women facing unplanned pregnancies raise more money. A donor giving a $100 donation to such an agency can receive a $50 state tax credit.

The committee also heard SB 217, sponsored by Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis), which would extend the tax credit for donations to food pantries to include donations made to soup kitchens. These credits help feed the homeless and those facing food insecurity. The MCC testified in support of both bills. Stay tuned for more as the legislative session progresses.