New Mexico Supreme Court Upholds Assisted Suicide Ban

In a very encouraging opinion for the pro-life movement, the New Mexico state Supreme Court unanimously ruled in June that the New Mexico constitution does not contain an “absolute and fundamental right” to doctor-prescribed suicide.  The court ruled that a New Mexico law outlawing assisted suicide is not unconstitutional.

The court stated, “[W]e agree with the legitimate concern that recognizing a right to physician aid in dying will lead to voluntary or involuntary euthanasia because if it is a right, it must be made available to everyone, even when a duly appointed surrogate makes the decision, and even when the patient is unable to self-administer the life ending medication.”

The court went on to say that end of life decisions are “inherently fraught with the potential for abuse and undue influence” which leaves some patients extremely vulnerable.

The case name is Morris v. Brandenburg, New Mexico Supreme court case No. SC-35478, June 30, 2016.  The complete opinion can be found here.