Newborn Found at Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota

While closing up the cathedral following the evening Mass, Nathan Leonhardt, a maintenance worker at the Cathedral of St. Paul, Minnesota, discovered a newborn baby that had been left in a laundry basket on the church steps.

He immediately alerted Cathedral Rector Father John Ubel, who called 911. Father Ubel and Leonhardt brought the baby to the sacristy where Father Ubel baptized him while they awaited police.

Father Ubel said he hopes the boy, whom he christened Nathan John, will be adopted by a Catholic family.

“The fact that this child was left off at a Catholic church is not an insignificant detail to me,” Father Ubel said. “Absent any other information forthcoming, I think it’s important that this child be given up for adoption, and there would be many willing Catholic couples who would welcome this child into their home.”

What could have been a tragic occurance will likely turn into a wonderful blessing for a family in St. Paul. Read more about this story in this Catholic Spirit article.