No College Scholarships for Immigrant Students

The Missouri House of Representatives wants to make sure immigrant students who are not citizens, permanent residents, or who lack documents like driver licenses are required to pay out-of-state college tuition and are barred from receiving college scholarships. House Bill 187 passed the House this week with 111 yes votes and 41 no votes. To see how your State Representative voted, refer to page 882 of Wednesday’s House Journal. Lawmakers pointed out that the federal government does not offer scholarship aid for these students so neither should Missouri.

The MCC opposes HB 187.  Many of these students came to the U.S. as young children and have lived in Missouri most of their lives. They bear no responsibility for the decisions of their parents and they now call Missouri their home. The MCC plea for these immigrant students, however, faces stiff resistance at a time when college scholarship programs are underfunded and increasing numbers of native-born students find it difficult to afford a college education. The bill now moves to the Missouri Senate.

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