Not a Vote To Spare

Whether or not Missouri enacts a new law giving women 72-hours to reflect on their abortion decision will be before the Missouri General Assembly on September 10, the opening day of the veto session. Prospects look good for overriding the governor’s veto of HB 1307 in the Missouri House, but things will be more difficult in the Senate. In the Senate, it will take 23 votes – a two-thirds majority – to override the governor’s veto. The Senate passed the bill earlier this year with 22 votes, but one pro-life Senator, Mike Cunningham (R-Rogersville), was absent with leave.

With Cunningham’s vote, the 23 votes are there to secure the override, but there is no room for error. If one pro-life senator doesn’t show up in Jefferson City, the override will fail. Senators are not always motivated to attend veto sessions, especially if they are retiring from political life and won’t be back next year. Will your State Senator be there? Contact him/her today! Visit the MCC website at to identify your state senator and send a pre-composed message. You can also call us for help at 1-800-456-1679.


Posted: August 8, 2014

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