Not in my Name!

This week Missouri executed Paul Goodwin, a man who had the intellectual capabilities and adaptive skills of a child. The crime that he committed was terrible, but it is shameful for Missouri to execute a person who had such limited mental capacities and diminished moral culpability.  He could have been held accountable by remaining in prison the rest of his life.

Goodwin’s execution is the 10th that Missouri has carried out this year.  That is a record number of executions for our state, tying us with Texas for 2014.

As we look back on this unprecedented year, the MCC is grateful for the countless Missourians who denounced the lethal actions taken by our state.  Many of you attended vigils or prayer services opposing executions, others contacted the governor asking that he grant clemency, still others of you called on legislators to open the shrouded execution process.  You made it clear that you wanted no part of this barbaric practice, “not in my name” was your message!

As we face the future, it is the prayer of the MCC that more Missourians will come to realize that the death penalty violates the sanctity and dignity of all human life.  The death penalty only continues the cycle of violence, and promotes violence as a solution to our problems.  It diminishes us all.  May we all join in and say, “Not in my name!”

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