Override Campaign HB 1307 & HB 1132

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed two pro-life bills this month, and we need your help to override his vetoes. The first veto involves legislation increasing the waiting period for having an abortion to 72 hours. The second veto involved legislation that increases the tax credits available for pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes and food pantries.

Please take time this summer to contact your Missouri state representative and senator while he/she is home before the veto session begins on September 10th.

Action Alert -Use this link to contact your legislators. After you have contacted your legislator, please fill out the appropriate form below to let us know how they plan to vote!


House Responses to HB 1307 – 72 Hour Waiting Period for Abortion

Senate Responses to Override HB 1307 – 72-Hour Waiting Period for Abortion

House Responses to Override HB 1132 -Tax Credits for Women Facing Crisis Pregnancy and Food Pantries

Senate Responses to Override HB 1132 -Tax Credits for Women Facing Crisis Pregnancy and Food Pantries

40 thoughts on “Override Campaign HB 1307 & HB 1132

  1. Bridget says:

    From Senator Ed Emery regarding HB 1307 and 1132:
    I supported both bills when they passed out the Senate and will support any override attempts made on these bill.

    I appreciate your dedication to the protection of life for the unborn.


    Ed Emery

  2. Joyce Jurd says:

    Here is the reply for Senator Kehoe:

    Mike Kehoe (Mike.Kehoe@senate.mo.gov)

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    To: ‘Joyce Jurd’


    Thank you, Ms. Jurd. I was pleased to vote in favor of both of these bills during the legislative session and was very disappointed to hear of the governor’s misguided vetoes. As you know, any efforts to override the governor’s vetoes must begin in the house as these are both house bills. I will be at veto session and look forward to voting to override the governor’s veto on both of these bills in the event that one or both come over from the house.


  3. Joyce Jurd says:

    Here is the reply from Rep. Hurst:

    Tom Hurst (Tom.Hurst@house.mo.gov)

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    To: Joyce Jurd


    I supported both the first time and I will continue to do so. Thanks for your information and concern. Have a great weekend. Tom

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  4. Lana McKearney says:

    Please vote to override Nixon’s veto of HB1397, 72 hour waiting period for abortion and HB 1132, tax credits for women facing crisis pregnancy and food pantries

  5. Larry D. Hayes says:

    please overide HB1307 (24 hr to72 hr waiting period for abortion)and HB1132 tax credits for pregnancy

  6. Evelyn Marie Peterman,FSM says:

    Please over-ride Gov. Nixon’s veto regarding the prolife measures which are needed to prevent more killing of our innocent babies.

  7. William Durbin says:

    Please vote to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1307 and HB 1132. Thank you fordoing this.

    Mr and Mrs William Durbin

    • William Durbin says:

      Please consider voting to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1307 and HB 1132. We appreciate your consideration of this important legislation.

      Mr. and Mrs. William Durbin

  8. Steve Bettlach says:

    Dear Person
    I favor a longer wait time for an abortion. I urge you to support HB1307. This would expand the wait time from 24 hours to 72 hours for an abortion. I also favor HB1132 to provide tax credits for those who support crisis pregnancy and food pantries. Crisis pregnancies and food pantries for women in need are truly worthy causes. Please support them.

  9. Liz Haynes says:

    Please vote to override Gov. Nixon’s vetoes for HB 1307 and HB 1132. This is an important issue to many of us. Thank you!

  10. Clarence Surmeier says:

    Please vote to over-ride the Governor’s veto of HB1307 & HB1132 for the sake of future children of America. Their lives and ours depend on us!

  11. Brian says:

    The response from Sue Meredith:

    In the reality of today’s word women can learn they are pregnant shortly after conception. From the moment a woman suspects she might be pregnant there is little else on her mind. This is true of every woman I know including myself. Everything, yes everything else, is at best secondary. This is never a quick reflex decision nor is it a method of birth control. Of particular concern are the victims of rape and incest for which there is no consideration in this bill.

    Funding in the state is very insecure at the present time. Now is not the time to be increasing any tax breaks or credits. Gifts and donations really should be made based upon how the one giving the feels about the issue or organization, not for a tax advantage. To me that is just a bonus. We cannot afford to give bonuses at the present time when we cannot meet budget appropriations such as education.

    I know these are important issues to you and my answers are not what you would like to hear. My preference is to be honest with you rather than simply say what I think you want to hear.

    Sue Meredith
    State Representative
    District 71

  12. Robert Burger says:

    Rep Sue Allen of District 100 plans to vote to override HB 1307 if brought to the floor during Veto Session. She will meet with budget staff about the fiscal impact of HB 1132 before the September Veto Session.

  13. leticia pulley says:

    Dear Senators and Representative… I urge you to listen to your heart God gave you and consider to think before you vote that One life spared on this 72hrs hold means a lot for God, you and me. Please pass HB1307 and HB1132 . YOU ARE THE VOICE OF THE UNBORN. thank you. May God bless you in making moral and health rule for us.

  14. Please may we have HB1307 – increases waiting period to 72 hours

    May we have HB1132 – increases tax credits available to pregnancy resources centers, maternity homes and food pantries

    Thank you! J.M.J.

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