Planned Parenthood Challenges New MO Abortion Law in State Court

Planned Parenthood organizations in Kansas City and St. Louis, and two abortionists that do their work, have sued the state of Missouri in Jackson County Circuit court challenging the pro-life law passed this summer during the special legislative session.

The lawsuit challenges provisions of the law that require the abortion doctor to meet with the patient 72 hours before the abortion is performed. They also argue that the new law (SB 5) was improperly passed, because it went beyond the original purpose of the bill as first introduced.  The bill, as originally filed, only amended current law to give the Attorney General jurisdiction to prosecute abortion laws throughout the state. During the legislative process, the bill was amended and was much longer and more involved when it passed. Although this is a common practice in the legislature, the plaintiffs argue changing the “original purpose” is unconstitutional.

The plaintiffs seek an order blocking the law from going into effect. If the court grants the request, the new law will not be operative until the district court, or an appellate court, reverses course after reviewing all the evidence. Stay tuned!