Planned Parenthood Files Second Lawsuit Challenging New Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood has filed a second lawsuit challenging SB 5, the new abortion law passed this summer. This time, the abortion giant sued in federal court challenging new regulations implementing the new law issued last week by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services.  

The new regulations require all abortion facilities performing medication abortions to submit a “complication plan” providing follow-up medical care in the event a woman taking the abortion pill experiences a complication.  

Planned Parenthood claims that medication abortions are safe and that these plans aren’t medically necessary. The FDA, which approved the drug for use in ending a pregnancy, however, recommends doctors have a plan in place for medical care for the patient in the event of complications.  Attorney General Josh Hawley has stated he intends to vigorously defend the new law. Click here to read more.