Planned Parenthood in Missouri: Planned Parenthood Doctor Claims St. Louis an “Untapped” Market for Tissue Procurement, Columbia Planned Parenthood to Offer Abortions—Again

During the undercover video, Dr. Nucatola is heard saying that St. Louis is a possible location for a tissue procurement company to consider, because the St. Louis Planned Parenthood affiliate has a “very extensive collaboration with all kinds of research.”  (video at minute 51:05) Missouri State Senator Kurt Schafer, along with Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, this week called upon Attorney General Chris Koster to investigate Planned Parenthood’s activities here. Read the story here.

Planned Parenthood of Columbia announced this week that it will again offer non-surgical, medication abortions after ending this practice in 2012. Clinics are required to have a state license to perform abortions. The Columbia clinic may have to obtain a new license before it can resume offering abortions. The MCC will be investigating and will keep you posted.

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